I am a Job Seeker:

How do I apply for the jobs that are posted on jobsineducation.com?

Each employer has their own method of accepting applications. Some employers prefer their online application system, some prefer e-mail, and some welcome applications via mail. Depending on the employer, the application process can vary. On all advertisements that are posted on jobsineducation.com, the application process for the employer is listed on the advertisement. Please refer to each advertisement to learn more about the employer’s application process.

Do I need to sign up or pay a fee in order to view your job board?

There is no cost or sign-up required! We are a free service for candidates seeking employment in the education sector.

Can I submit my application to jobsineducation.com?

Jobs in Education does not accept applications for any of our clients. Additionally, we do not recruit teachers to teach overseas as we find this to be a conflict of interest with our valued employers.

How can I create an application that stands out from the rest?

Good question – we have an eBook that helps to answer exactly that question and provides many other tips and tricks for the application process. Check out the eBook here!

I am an Employer:

I’m looking for qualified candidates! Is there a cost to place an advertisement on your website?

To place a single job posting on jobsineducation.com for 30 days, the cost is $350.00 CDN plus applicable taxes. If your organization would like to learn more about our six month and one year unlimited posting packages, please connect with us at info@jobsineducation.com.

How can I access applications from candidates on jobsineducation.com?

Jobs in Education does not accept applications from candidates on behalf of employers. We have learned that our clients have their own processes for accepting applications and candidates can apply directly to the organization. Please be sure to include application information on your postings so that candidates can apply directly to you!

Do you recruit teachers to teach overseas at jobsineducation.com?

Nope. We believe that this is a direct conflict of interest with our valued clients and we are not here to compete with you! Instead, you’ll be happy to know, we are here to help you find qualified candidates.

Why should we post our jobs on jobsineducation.com?

Because we have worked with the best employers over the past nine years, and we continue to work with the best. Our clients rave about us, we provide exceptional customer service, and above all, we enable opportunities in education. The question really is, Why wouldn’t you?

I am interested in your social initiatives:

How do I learn more about how I can contribute?

Each year we contribute to different initiatives that support enabling access to education. We welcome you to learn more by visiting our social impact pageor contacting us at info@jobsineducation.com.

I want to know more about Jobs in Education:

What isWhy Work in Education?

It began in May 2013 with three incredibly passionate interns and a President eager to start talking about the benefits of work in the education sector. We’ve reached out to our networks and wanted to share our knowledge and the knowledge of those currently in education with all of our readers.

Check out www.WhyWorkinEducation.com to hear from recruiters, professionals, and students in our sector and learn more about the challenges and the benefits!

What’s a social business/ social entrepreneurship?

Basically, social entrepreneurship is a business that works towards two (or three) bottom lines. We give back. Here are some articles that Rumeet has written on the topic of social entrepreneurship:

Course teaches doing good and making money (The Globe and Mail)
Opportunities and Challenges: Lessons from the Children in Kenya and Ecuador (The Global Citizen Digest)
The Privilege of Choice (City Life Magazine)
Social entrepreneurship is a tough one to teach (The Globe and Mail)
How to Make An Impact and Still Pay the Bills (TalentEgg.ca)
Fear of Failure: What’s Your Bottom Line? (Huffington Post)
Begin with the End in Mind (Huffington Post)

Check them out to learn more!

Are you hiring?

No, not at this moment. However, we ARE always looking for freelance writers/bloggers who are passionate about education and are interested in contributing to our conversation, Why Work in Education. Contact info@jobsineducation.com if you’re interested – we’d love to hear from you!

Need more answers?

For further questions, please feel free to connect with us at any time!

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